Thermal Belt
Friendship Council

Dear Student:

Members of the Thermal Belt Friendship Council are delighted that you are interested in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship.  The Friendship Council is a loosely based organization to promote discussion related to social, racial, equality, and diversity issues in our surrounding communities.  Our mission has been simply to bridge the racial gap between our communities.  Our two main annual events are the Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration and the community picnic.  

Please remember our mission as you complete the following application.  We are particularly interested in students whose lives are an example of promoting social, racial, equality, and diversity issues in our communities. 

The application should be completed fully, neatly, and concisely.  Please submit your application by October 28.   Again, we are delighted that you are interested in the scholarship, and we look forward to your submission.

The Thermal Belt Friendship Council
Application Procedure and Selection Criteria

Applications are available through the Guidance Counselors’ Offices at Polk County and Landrum High Schools, and are due by October 28
Applicants must be current graduating seniors who plan to attend a 2 or 4-year college or university.
Applicants must have maintained a minimum grade point average of “C,” and a transcript of grades must be included with the application.
Applications must be filled out completely and returned to the Guidance Counselor.
Incomplete applications will automatically be disqualified.
Finalists will be required to sit for a personal interview with members of the Friendship Council Scholarship Selection Committee.
Official announcement of scholarship awards will occur at the Friendship Council’s annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration and at the high schools’ award programs.
Funds will be deposited into the student’s university or college account by the beginning of fall semester.  No funds will be disbursed directly to the scholarship recipient. 
The following point values apply in determining the scholarship recipient:

Academic Potential  20 Points
Extracurricular Activities  10 Points
Leadership/Initiative 10 Points
Community Involvement   20 Points
Demonstrated Financial Need 15 Points
Personal Interview    25 Points

Please fill out the fields in the form below.  If you need to start over for any reason, simply click the "reset" button.  When you are finished, click the "submit" button.